Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lynch And Lynch 2

David Lynch is the subject of Lynch, a feature length documentary about his creative processes, such as they were during the making of Inland Empire. There's half an hour of it, this excerpt retitled Lynch 2, on the upcoming Inland Empire DVD.

The director has decided to remain anoymous, being credited only as blackANDwhite, though Lynch's reps insist this isn't David, I suspect it may be Lynch Junior.

Interestingly, the documentary shows a number of difficult days on set with Lynch admitting he has no idea what he's doing, what he should do next, or how to communicate to any of his collaborators.

The DVD of Inland Empire will also contain interviews with Lynch and Laura Dern (hey! Maybe she's blackANDwhite... or maybe Jeremy Irons...?), something called More Things that Happened (deleted scenes, I'd imagine) and, taking a leaf out of Robert Rodriguez' book, David Lynch cooking Quinoa.

The long promised commentary track hasn't materialised. Neither did the long promised masterpiece though, eh, David?


Anonymous said...

Could this "blackANDwhite" person be Eli Roth? Its something to look into...
Lynch, no masterpiece? Guess no one is watching his movies.

droidguy1119 said...

I asked David when he came to Washington if he was doing a track and he said absolutely not. So everyone can definitely stop holding their breath.

Siouxfire said...

Look at the David Lynch Documentary MySpace and their website - over the past few months there have been some glimpses. It's a couple of blokes so the Black AND White. They've been blogging a hell of a lot too and doing their own work(filming/photography) along the way while following David night and day--really doubt it's anyone who is known or working at the moment.