Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Lost Wrap Up

E! online have claimed that Lost has been given a schedule to end in and this will be announced soon. Thank heavens, really, because it was seeming like this show was going to warble on to itself forever. Perhaps this announcement will help create the illusion of a tight story structure to the whole 'saga' and encourage more trust amongst the viewers.

Are you one of the many people who once watched the show regularly but has now lost (at least some of) your interest? If so, I'd love to know why in the comments below.


PJ Holden said...

My wife and I used to watch it all the time until it actually hit the UK then we waited for everyone to catch up with us, then the plethora of choices about what channel is was one (Channel 4, RTE, SKY) ment we could quiet figure out which episodes to watch and gave us a big gap and we just kinda forgot about it. Then, when series three started we started watching that but it didn't seem to be answering any of the old mysteries in favour of revealing new mysteries so we lost a interest again. Mind you, I've since started watching it again and I feel like we're starting to see some answers (the last one was a doozy, tying Lock and Sawyer up).

williamjutsum said...

Yep last ep with locke and sawyer was excellent.
Have always said that Lost is the televisual equivilent of crack; you know it's bad for you, but you just can't help going back for more!

So are you saying they are going to announce that the next series is the last? If so I think its would be a fantastic move, because at the moment you really have no idea if what you're watching is actually leading to something. That's the great thing about Heroes, you already knew from almost episode 1 what the season was leading up to.

Dan said...

Seems USA Today have officially announced it. It's ending in 2010. With three more seasons of 16 episodes each allowing for tighter storyarcs etc.

Brendon said...

Can't be a bad thing, can it.