Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bermuda Triangle, It Makes People Disappear

Chris Smith, writer-director of Severance and Creep, has been speaking to ShockTillYouDrop, and he's let on just what his next film will be. Called Triangle, like the 'much loved' Kate O'Mara soap opera from the very early 80s, this one will be a "a psychological horror film set on an ocean liner. Weirdly, it's a movie that will play in time loops, like a character getting stuck in a glitch. That's what the Bermuda Triangle is and this character has to combat her way back. It's a slick idea that I will get bang-on right".

Confident, isn't he? Good.

So, I'm assuming these glitch-stuck boats go somewhere to get snagged in time. If they're just in the triangle when it happens, they certainly wouldn't disappear from radars. In fact, I'm very keen to see if any sort of sense can be milked from this premise at all.

I'm thinking it sounds a bit like Groundhog Day going creepy on a boat, crossed with those bits about black cats from The Matrix..?

Smith himself has written for soaps, having previously hidden plenty of movie references and allusions in his scripts for Eastenders. I'm still hoping he'll start weaving Eastenders references into his films, maybe a cameo for Lofty or Well 'ard.

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