Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mav Mel, Again

Mel Gibson has been quoted by WENN As saying that a Maverick sequel is inevitable.

There's talk of doing another Maverick. Garner and I have been looking at that for a while. It'd be fun to play that character again. I think audiences would probably like to see him again too. We really cooked the first time. We've got some great ideas - I think audiences will enjoy what we've got in mind. It won't be happening immediately, but I dare say, it'll happen.

Well, okay. Not a horrible idea. Get a good writer like last time, a great director, not like last time, and give it a good shot - this could really work as popcorn dressing.

Mel Gibson has also been quoted disputing the theory of evolution, however, so I'm not sure how straight he gets things before he blurts them out to the press.

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