Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One Mighty Heart, One Blackface Storm In A Teacup?

A series of stills revealing Angelina Jolie's 'blackface' make-up for her portrayal of Marianne Pearl in A Mighty Heart have been released.

Frankly, they pretty much dialled the fuss right down for me. Now I have this one pegged at the level of
Memoirs of a Geisha, say, not The Black and White Minstrel Show. Much more shocking is the film's Cannes poster. Ugly, cliched and cheap looking - and complete with courier typeface because we are dealing with a journalist, after all. See it at the bottom of the heap.


Anonymous said...

This stuff pisses me off. Why not get an actress looking for a break of that race. Why must they also deal with competition from Angelina Jolie, the cast of friends, all the white girls on Lost, etc. Though I thought Zhang Ziyi handled Memoirs of a Geisha well, though I didn't really like the melodramatic choices of the director, I do wish they had given the part to a Japanese actress.

Anonymous said...

there are dearth of parts for non-white actresses. that brad pitt and angelina jolie didn't have the decency to really stay true to the stora. it was an interracial love story with a very tragic ending. now, its a blackface minstrel show.

Anonymous said...

pitt and jolie have turned what was an interracial, inter-cultural love story into a minstrel show. no wonder they don't want anyone to ask angelina questions about the film.