Thursday, May 31, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Almost Everything Is A Movie Minesweeper These Days Edition

- JoBlo have a YouTube clip from after the credits of Pirates 3. Clearly, the clip was obtained illegally (not by JoBlo, but the original uploader) but, on the upside, it'll save you sitting through the end credits when really, all you'll want to do is get out of there and restart your circulation.

- MTV are bringing back Unplugged. The new epsiodes will apparently include Mary J. Blige, The Police, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and John Mayer.

- Mark Verheiden has announced that his Teen Titans script will find the kids at 'an interesting (and universal) crossroads in their lives'.

- Twitch were on an absolute role today. They've had pictures from Be Kind, Rewind (Mos Def and Jack Black about to bust some ghosts, it seems); Daybreakers; Eastern Promise; and Doomsday.

- Feed have Mike Maguire's Comcast ad. Download it and watch it 'all big' for the best effect.

- On June 10th, the Prince Charles Cinema will be given over to a reprise of the Hot Fuzztival. Hard Boiled at 11am, The Last Boy Scout at 1.45, Point Break at 4.30 and then (!) at 8pm, Hot Fuzz with a live audio commentary from Edgar and company.

- The Poor Things schedule is being rejigged just so Lindsay Lohan can be in the film. What a waste of effort.

- Broken Lizard's next will probably be The Babymaker.

- Time Magazine's Ocean's 13 interviews are a nice, sparky read.

- IESB loved Hostel 2 too.

- Animation Magazine have some clips from the US version of Creature Comforts.


williamjutsum said...

Just spoke the Prince Charles cinema about Hot Fuzztival. Apparently if you attend all the 3 screening before you get priority access to the main event.

Brendon said...

They told me that too.