Friday, June 01, 2007

Direct Download Links For Neil Jordan's The Brave One Trailer

(The links are below. First of all, a little bit of...frustration about how this film is being handled.)

I blame the audiences. I swear, they're incapable of getting up off of their behinds, getting down to the cinema and seeing more than one film in a month or two, no matter how good the films on release might be. Compared to us - who probably see many, many more films than this - the average cinemagoer shows no interest, really, or makes any effort.

Next time you go to the cinema take notice of how many people have come with no idea of what it is they'll actually watch, even what is actually on or when. The majority of these then wind up settling for the most famous/least challenging alternative (at least as per the advertising) and help some complete horse's behind to box office gold.

As a result, release dates are concocted as though the distributors are trying to fathom some kind of odd alchemy between film and date, hiding from other releases or the wrong kind of public holiday. Perhaps the timing can make or kill a film - that's one excuse for the Grind House failure, anyway - but really, it shouldn't. And it wouldn't if the cinema wasn't treated as some kind of big, fat annexe to the idiot's lantern.

Anyway, as a result, we can end up waiting months for films that, under more sensible circumstances, we'd be seeing for the second time on DVD around the time they're actually let out of prison and into the multiplexes.

Here's the trailer for Neil Jordan's The Brave One, in 480p, 720p and 1080p. Let's idle the months away together, waiting for the day the studio think this film should be unleashed - as though, somehow, the weather outside or the numbers on the calendar can actually effect the quality of a film.

Oh, as a footnote: I promise you, the film will be better than this trailer suggests, at least on it's most superficial level. This is just a dumbing down piece, of course, trying to ensure this film is famous enough or doesn't look too challenging, all so that it might draw in the ambling mass wandering lost about the cinema foyer.

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