Sunday, May 27, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Barely There Edition

- Harry Potter 6 is likely to feature some Scottish locations. The book concludes on a rocky coastline, as does Scotland - seems like a good match.

- Twitch have published some promo images for Brad Anderson's Transsiberian. Oh, Brad Anderson. Leaving a screening of his Session 9, for which I had been the only audience member, I was told by the cinema staff that not only had nobody else come in to see the film all day (it was a Thursday), that nobody had been since the Sunday. They did tell me how many people had see

And tn the film all week but I've since forgotten. Doesn't seem fair.

- The Kazakhstan government is shooting a film as a 'reply' to Borat. Right. Okay. I bet it in no way 'answers' Borat at all, and is just pro-Kazakh propoganda. Pro-American propoganda would be a more appropriate response.

And that's it. Sunday mornings, eh? Sleeeepy.

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