Sunday, May 27, 2007

Plugging Wee Holes In The Upcoming Blade Runner DVD Set

Designer Syd Mead is simply bound to be featured quite heavily, and rightly so, on the upcoming Blade Runner DVD set (we don't know quite how he'll be featured yet - if those reshoots took place as recently as I believe, it's possible that nothing has been finalised yet, that the whole project is still expanding, forming, growing more and more exciting).

If the Blade Runner set won't be quite enough Mead coverage for you, however, there's a Syd-centric documentary called Visual Futurist out on DVD now, and just brought to my attention.

You can download the trailer in either normal or hi-def quicktime. It's a good, meaty trailer too. Even meatier are the four 'concept to completion' case studies Syd has on DVD also.

Wonder if I can get a review copy of any of these...

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