Saturday, May 05, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - Headline Edition

There's a lot of movie news out there, and some of it is more interesting than the rest. I've been leaving plenty of it untouched - there's even been films I've enthusiastically tried to encourage friends to come see at the cinema that didn't get a mention on film ick. The plan now, however, is to try and correct that just a little.

I'm going to include regular bulletins - at least one a day, on average - that compacts a lot of 'headline material' into a single post. If you like the typically-just-one-or-two sentence coverage, then you can click the link for more. I'm going to call this Movie Minesweeper because, frankly, I thought film ick was a good name for a movie news blog so... my judgment is clearly a bit off. So, welcome to the very first Movie Minesweeper. Enjoy.

- The Londonist have a 28 Weeks Later spin-off short.

- Thirteen's Catherine Hardwick is in talks to direct true-crimer Under the Bridge for Reese Witherspoon's Type A Films. What will this mean for The Monkeywrench Gang?

- Michael Chabon has given a great interview to Salon.

- Malkovich is in talks to play Ozzie Cox, the lead role in Burn Bef... Afte... Before Reading, the next Coen Bros. film (which is it?). He'd be a CIA man who loses a very sensitive expose.

- Producer Andy Licht is headed to court after apparently being elbowed out of the production of Inkheart.

- Apparently contrary to his Vanity Fair comments, Bruce Willis claims Die Hard 4.0 is better than 1.... then says Motherf*cker on live TV. See the clip at YouTube.

- The Weinsteins may have scrapped plans for Fletch Won, perhaps as a result of Zach Braff's departure from the project - or maybe, just maybe, the cause and effect were the other way around.

- A Karl Marx biopic is coming from director Raoul Peck. The film will culminate with the publication of the Communist Manifesto. The film will "definitely" be made "for a wide public". Dreamachine are negotiating to either co-produce or handle internatioanl sales on the film.

- Sam Raimi wants his brother Ivan to write a fourth Evil Dead. I don't think I do. I think Sam should stick with scripts by more accomplished writers. Take that as a preview of my Spider-Man 3 review.

- As we thought a couple of days back, Dreamworks have indeed stumped up the cash for The Lovely Bones. I've read - and (p)reviewed - the script, and it's great.

- The Education of Charlie Banks, directed by Sog... er... Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, has won the Made in NY best Narrative Feature gong at Tribeca. Blimey Alex Gibney's Taxi to the Dark Side won the documentary equivalent.

- Laura Ramsey, Jonathan Tucker, Jena Malone and Shawn Ashmore are to star in The Ruins, a tourists-in-peril yarn adapted from Scott B. Smith's novel by the man himself.

Enough for now - there will be more of this Movie Minesweeping soon.

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