Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The So Many Deletions Edition

Disney have removed the Enchanted trailer from the internet. Sooner or later, however, they'll put it back... and I'll be watching them. In the meantime, more movie minesweeping.

- Another strange deletion. At the blog of Daniel Lee, editor, a post relating to the Iron Man trailer today vanished into thin air. What did it say? Let me share: I start to say "Joe Carnahan!" but am interrupted when he says "Hi, I'm Joe" and extends his hand. I shake his hand and he asks me if I'm working on Iron Man. I tell him I am... and he asks if he can see what I'm working on. Joe Carnahan asks me if he can see the piece I'm cutting. I say "absolutely" and play my teaser for him. It's still in rough shape at this point, but he seems to dig it.

- Sacha Baron Cohen has
already begun the filming of Bruno in LA. He appears to be ambushing the World Trade Week, and has a new hairstyle.

- Jay Roach is making a comedy that is, reportedly, a little bit similar to Vertigo. And I don't mean High Anxiety.

- Michael Patrick King is to direct the Sex and the City fillum.

- Sam Neill is the latest cast member to join Daybreakers. I liked Undead rather a lot. You?

- Mike Mills new video for Blonde Redhead's Top Ranking is online, starring Miranda July.
Download it directly.

- As promised earlier, Michel Gondry's new video for Paul McCartney's Dance Tonight is now online too, starring Mackenzie Crook, Natalie Portman, some laundry and a mandolin. A nicer quality version most be forthcoming, this YouTube encode is hardly acceptable. There's also a nice behind the scenes clip at Dazed and Confused.

- A dozen writers have formed the 1.3.9 co-op, a group of writers who will set about penning pet projects for thespians. So, let's suppose for example, Al Pacino really wanted to play Gonzo in a live action, non-puppet Muppet movie, he'd get one of these guys and they'd draw him up a screenplay. What is this going to mean in reality? Lots of ego boosts hitting the page but never making it to the screen?

- Our Lady of Victory is a based-on-true-events underdog yarn about women's basketball and it is going to star David Boreanaz and Carla Gugino.

- Beowulf is to screen at Venice - in 3D. I think that's a genuine wow moment in the making and I wish I could be be there. Other films tipped to screen include Ken Loach's These Times, Ang Lee's Lust, Caution, Todd Haynes' I'm Not There, PT Andersons There Will Be Blood and Jiang Wen's The Sun Also Rises. Two and a half out of six 'aint bad.

- Mike Myers' Walter Mitty is being scripted by Jay Kogen, a Simpsons scribe.

- A walk-on role in Terminator 4 is to be auctioned off tonight.

- In the UK? Win a pair of tickets to a screening of Stardust... and a Q&A with Neil Gaiman afterwards.

- What does the word Pingu mean to you?

- You can download a Lost game for your suitably equipped iPod. If you wish.

- Radical Publishing is another one of these comics/Hollywood two-headed calves, like that Virgin set up recently launched with Shekhar Kapur. Destined to fail?

- Reuters have listed the films Warner Bros. are restoring to 4k resolution.

- Was a pilot filmed for the alternate Veronica Mars? The one where she's in the FBI? TVSquad seem to think so - and they've run a full synopsis of it. Somebody please find me a copy!

- BBC Films are undergoing something of a rejig.

I'm off to find more links to trailers Disney don't want you to see (for some reason).


Anonymous said...

Wow, such an odd deletion, Daniel Lee's blog entry, indeed. Read that earlier and POOF! Now, it's gone. I am left scratching my head....


ps How's the script review coming along?

Anonymous said...

That Paul McCartney vid is ace ... shame it's just such a mediocre song!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Enchanted Trailer: I believe I have been blocked, but just in case this gets through. I was and still am the PM for the film Enchanted, Disney has had nothing to do with my curiosity and or comments on this Blog. I speak for myself and am proud and honored to be a part of this film. This film is the warmth and depth of hand drawn animation, drawn by the best, combined with delightful live action. It's lovely in the old Disney tradition, funny and creative. I also love this "business" and am lucky to have worked in animation for many years. The trailer, in it's correct version, will be out soon. Perhaps you can upload that one too.

Brendon said...

Hi, Mary

Your'e not blocked at all.

And, yes, I will link people to the 'correct' trailer - though what is incorrect about the last one, I don't know.

Glad to hear you love your film. I hope we do too.