Sunday, May 06, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - Sunday Lunch Edition

- Spider-Man 3 is making lots and lots of money. And it is very good, so I'm glad but it is also... well, quite bad. Some all-time classic scenes (such as when Peter and Harry go back to Harry's house after he leaves the hospital - brilliant stuff; and the first time the Sandman tries to form out of grains) but a generally dodgy structure and some rough-and-ready looking scenes leads to a largely embarrassing final act.

- The IESB have some video of the Iron Man suit. Frankly, after the official image was unveiled the other day, the required standard of paparazzi snaps went way up - and this doesn't meet those new, higher requirments.

- Oliver Stone's TV spot that calls for the troops in Iraq to be withdrawn is now online. It probably isn't what you're expecting, and is all the better for it.

- Four Minutes beat bookies' favourite Perfume to the homegrown movie gong at the German Film Awards.


Anonymous said...

Brendon, will you have a full review of Spiderman 3 up soon? I was very disappointed. I felt like the film was unfinished. Besides the bad screenwriting, the editing wasn't very tight (Do I need to see every ingredient in Harry's omelette?) and I felt that scenes of Venom and Sandman and even Spiderman himself were cut due to incomplete effects. I know Raimi had said the studio was taking the film before they could finish all of the effects in Entertainment Weekly. Tighter editing might have improved the jokes that went too far and scenes that drag. I didn't feel it was overstuffed as much as undercut. Have you heard anything about the film being incomplete?

Brendon said...

There are stories - there always are - but it's hard to tell what's true and what's not.

Indeed, while I was in fact told almost everything that happens in Spider-Man over the last year or so, I was also told a lot of nonsense. Lies, confusions, deceptions, so on. I don't expect that to change now the film is out.

Mark said...

I've always thought that this film sounded like it had too much packed in: too many new characters piled atop an already sizeable cast; too many villains; too many plot contrivances. Ah well - it's still going to make boatloads of cash, so there's always next time.

Anonymous said...

It seems like many people can just say negative things about this film.I saw the movie today, and while not the best of the series, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. You just have to sorta watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is, pure entertainment. While reviews toward the film have been mixed, the movie is still good but not great. I managed to ignore some flaws, like the editing, multiple plot lines, and the over-stuffed feeling. Regardless, this movie wasn't as bad as other comic book movie sequels were.With what they had, they made a decent film. Raimi, the crew, and the actors seemed to be working really hard on making a good film. And the film still had a strong theme of forgiveness. Also the action sequences weren't bad. Will you be posting your review soon?

Brendon said...