Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Minewsweeper - The Let's Try That Again, Shall We? Edition

- Darren Aronofsky is to record a commentary track for The Fountain and release it online. I saw this at Cinematical.

- Frank Miller still believes in a Sin City 2. I wonder if he also believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. On the upside, he's now sold on 3D - after a screening of U2 3D. Does this mean The Spirit might get an extra dimension?

- Today's completely fabricated quote alleges that Tim Burton is set to direct a film about Marilyn Manson's recent divorce. At least we can cross another site off of the legitimate source list - and the first time I've ever heard of the site too. That's efficiency for you.

- Aardman are to launch their own channel on Joost. Fine - but I don't have an invite to use the service. Who's going to ask me in?

- K-Fed has landed a small role in Night Watch. How?

- Scott Sigler's Infested is to be filmed. Know the book? I don't. Any good?

- You can download the trailer to Wilson Yip's Flashpoint right now, if your right-clicker works.

- A Mister Lonely clip has turned up online. If Harmony Korine has any idea what he's doing he certainly hasn't worked out why he shouldn't be doing it.

- Luc Besson is to float EuropaCorp on the paris stock exchange. This was one of the stories I lost in the earlier Blogger meltdown.

- I still haven't stopped laughing about the Silver Surfer coin cock-up.


RoDRiGo said...

Hey Brendon, what's your e mail, I can give you an invitation to Joost.

Love your site!

Brendon said...

My contact details are always present - see 'Contact film ick' over on the far right.

brendonconnelly at yahoo dot co dot uk