Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Page From Eric Roberts' Batman Audition Sides?

Eric Roberts gave an interview to iF in which he announced that all he had read of the Dark Knight script were the pages they sent him to learn for audition. I think I have one of these pages here.

(This is a change to your scheduled Dark Knight coverage, but I'll be back on plan within a few days.)

A nighclub. Maroni, the character I believe will be played by Roberts, is in a booth with his mistress. They have an exchange - he basically calls her stupid, she plays the 'My Humps defence' - ie; if I'm so stupid, how come I get you spendin' all your money on me, all your time on me.

And that's it. But I doubt that was his entire audition. Blimey. I hope not, anyway.

Maroni is also mentioned in a courtroom scene that features, I believe, Harvey Dent and another chap - the defendant, Rossi.


Rossi takes a SIP of water. The PROSECUTOR approaches.

With Carmine Falcone in Arkham, someone must've stepped up to run the so-called family
(Rossi nods)
Is this man in the courtroom today?
(Rossi nods again)
Could you identify him for us, please?

The Prosecutor turns to the defendant, smiles.

You win counselor. It was me.

The prosecutor is confused - he thought Maroni was the man running the family now. But Rossi puts him straight:

Maroni? He's a fall guy. I'm the brains of the organization.

LAUGHS from the gallery. The PROSECUTOR turns to the JUDGE.

Permission to treat the witness as hostile?

Hostile? I'll show you hostile

So what's going on here? Who is this Rossi? He might be The Joker, perhaps? Under flesh-coloured make-up, like Nicholson in the first Burton film? I simply have no idea. But Rossi seems quite full of himself, so I'm swinging with this Joker theory, make-up or not, for now.

I bet this is the first time Maroni has heard he's just a fall guy.


B for Blueberry said...

This side was for the audition of the Mistress, not Maroni.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Batman seems to be taking the sidelines in this Cops and Court flick.

I read on another site that the car you dislike gets destroyed. Maybe this is where Batman gets a new costume. And I'm guessing this is why Rachel dies. Batman can't get there to save her from the Joker.
My guess, though, is that Rachel will change her mind about Bruce and be his love interest again before the Joker kills her.
This will be the end of the second act.
The third act must involve, the capture of Commissioner Gordon, and Batman putting himself together to race to save him. Of course, Gordon will be tortured with images of Barbara Gordon, who will be in some danger. The Joker will show him pictures to try to drive him insane as in the Killing Joke. Batman will arrive and the climax of the film will be NOT killing the Joker despite every reason to want revenge. My guess is, Gordon will be the voice of reason in that situation despite being egged on by Dent's dark side to kill the Joker. This bit will probably end somehow will Batman's mask ripped off as in Batman Year One and Commissioner Gordon will see him without his glasses on and insist he can't see without his glasses.

This is my speculation.