Saturday, May 19, 2007

Those Blackmailing, E-Mail Skimming Bat-Cheats

Warners have come up with a cracking wheeze, as we so often say here in blighty.

A site has been set up that, originally at least, shows a defaced version of the Harvey Dent campaign picture. Underneath is a box for surfers to enter their e-mail addresses - and their reward? They receive an e-mail from 'tragicpast', complete with a pair of co-ordinates that will reveal one more pixel of a hidden picture. The more surfers input their addresses, the more picture is revealed - and the inference is, quite clearly, that we're going to see The Joker taking shape back there. I would hope that after 50% or so has been chipped away they'll just pull back the curtain - who's going to sign up just to de-fuzz Heath Ledger's face?

Ah, Warners. You know how keen people are to see The Joker. So keen they'll give you their e-mail addresses even though there's no indication at all what you'll be doing with them.

[EDIT: Yahoo and Hotmail accounts don't appear to be working with the site. Anybody prepared to try the various temporary e-mail sites to see if we can blast through this thing in a hurry?]


Pete said...

I was under the impression that stills of Ledger as the Joker were already out there? I've definitely seen a promo shot where he's sporting a suitably sinister grin. Much more Marilyn Manson than Burton's incarnation too.

I'm sure a simple google image search will satisfy your Joker lust without sacrificing the integrity of your email address!

Brendon said...

All previous images turned out to be fakes, unfortunately Pete.

This one isn't exactly shaping up in any way that will defuse my concerns.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this seems like a fake to me. Warner Bros are going to unveil the look of the Joker over a year before the movie is released? Keeping the Joker's look under wraps gets them free buzz for months yet.