Saturday, May 19, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Links You'll Love (Maybe) Edition

I've just finished venting about Zodiac and how, basically, it was an okay-ish radio play realised as a sub-par movie, so I thought I'd put that apparently contentious opinion up for a vote, and in the meantime give you some links. Enjoy.

- An unofficial, but very nice, Calvin and Hobbes animation has turned up online.

- Daniel Craig is toplining the bill for Baillie Walsh's Flashbacks of a Fool. Walsh hasn't directed a feature before, but did give us the Massive Attack video that morphed into a Fat Les one, via those tedious Verve boys. Let's hope this is a goodie, and not the Flashbacks of a Fool of a fool.

- Mischa Barton has let her boob slip out, and people really want to see the pictures. Of course. Don't click over if you're at work, in polite company or respectful of said boob's privacy. I wanted to link that brilliant paparazzi image of Marlon Brando in his grubby y-fronts, his pasty tub more like a mushroom cloud than a muffin top, but I couldn't dig it up. If you know where it is, please let me know. I've always liked that one.

- Lukas Moodysson is making a film in the English language, a little something called Mammoth. Best of all, he's promised that it will be more like Together or F*cking Amal than A Hole in My Heart and Container which, frankly, struck me as bemusing detours up dead ends for one of the most talented directors in the world today.

- The 2D trailer for U2 3D is online now. So, the single most interesting thing about the film is missing from the trailer - what an ironic turn of events.

- Audrey Tautou is to play Coco Chanel. Marion Cotillard would have been a better choice but, I guess, Audrey had already cut her hair.

- Juliette Binoche is to star in Copy for Abbas Kiarostami. She's been in films for just about every well respected 'world cinema' director now. Shows absolutely no discretion on her part.

- There seems to be some minor book-cooking going on over at Dreamworks. It seems that they're trying to hype Shrek 3's weekend box office reports a little. Why bother? I mean, really? If only they'd tried to make a decent film instead, then they'd actually have something to crow about instead of trying to crunch numbers into PR paste.

- Michel Gondry has explained his upcoming White Stripes video to Entertainment Weekly.

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