Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tim Roth Is An Abomination

The odd casting continues: after Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, Tim Roth has now been cast as Emil Blonsky in the next Hulk film.

Blonsky's alter-ego is Abomination, a kind of bigger, badder Hulk that never gets to change back to his milder, meeker form (the dynamic isn't entirely unlike that between Spider-Man and Venom). In the comics, he was a KGB agent but I'm expecting that has been changed... anybody out there got a Hulk script I can fact check this against?


Anonymous said...

How’s that odd casting? It's bloody brilliant! Liv Tyler...closest thing you're going to get to Jennifer Connelly. Edward Norton...frail, timid everyman who also happens to be exceedingly intelligent. Tim Roth...well he's Tim Roth, isn't he?

The only problem I'm having is the odd and frankly shit choice of director. This person, imbd says, gave the world the blessings we now call the Transporter franchise. Oh and something called Danny the Dog. Zak Penn (Elektra, X-Men 3) is “writing” again. That ought to be good, oughtn’t it?

And yes, comic book characters have an affinity for sporting villainous counterparts who are exact/perverted copies of themselves but rather evil instead. Superman has Bizarro, Flash has that yellow fellow, Green Lantern has Sinestro, Wolverine has Sabretooth...I could go on indefinitely...but I won’t.

Brendon said...

'Odd' and 'brilliant' are not mutually exclusive terms.

Liv Tyler being like Jennifer Connelly is only an issue if we're trying to replicate the previous film in some way. And I sincerely hope we're not.

Letterier is a typical Arad choice. We just got lucky with Raimi.

Stephen said...

They wanted more action in the sequel. Getting the director of The Transporter in seems to pretty much guarantee that, right?

What no-one's been talking about much regarding the Tim Roth news is that he'll probably only be in the movie for 20 minutes or something, at least in his 'real' form. The Abomination is permanently 'gamma transformed', so I'd imagine most of his filming will be on green-screen sets... unless ILM's new, on-set motion capture techniques (as seen in Pirates) will be used here.

Of course, they could have totally changed the character from the comics. Wouldn't be the first time.

Word verification - yoawhhrr - the sound the Abomination makes when he realises he's been rethunk for this movie.