Thursday, June 21, 2007

All AFI Rejects

Just for fun, here's my list of films from the current AFI Top 100 list that I don't believe deserve a slot in the top one thousand let alone one hundred.

Raging Bull
Schindler’s List
City Lights
Star Wars
The Grapes of Wrath
E.T. — The Extra-Terrestrial
Apocalypse Now
The Sound of Music
Taxi Driver
The Gold Rush
American Graffiti
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Saving Private Ryan
Modern Times
Easy Rider
Sophie’s Choice
The French Connection
Do the Right Thing

And I actually really quite like a few of those. Well, nine of them, I suppose: there's four of them already in my DVD collection, and five more I'd like to pick up. But amongst the best 100 films of all time? Not. Even. Close.


pavemental said...

Iconoclastic much? This begs the question what would be on your top 100? A rough draft will suffice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brendon....I'd like to know the nine films that u like?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brendon....I'd like to know the nine movies among these that you like?

Anonymous said...

And how 'bout your favourite movies of all times(in order)?

Anonymous said...

I said this 10 years ago and I'll say it again...

What the Christ is Yankee Doodle Dandy doing on this list?


ltar said...

Lord of the rings before Jaws? Lord of the rings on the top 100 at all? I call bullshit on this list and I can't figure out what movies you like, Brendon...I'd be interested to know, too.

Sarthak K said...

I agree many of those movies are not fit to be in the top 100. But then, I also feel that some of them rightly deserve to be there in the 100 - including Star Wars and Savinbg Private Ryan.

I know its been commented by others above - but really, it would be very interesting to see your own list of top 100 films!

Anonymous said...

You do know that it's the top 100 AMERICAN movies... so alot of great films are gonna be left out.

Brendon said...

Yes, I did know it was American movies only.

I was more concenred with what was in than what was out.

So, I'll do some lists of great American movies. Soon.

Very busy working on the next two or three Under the Hood installments at the moment.

Then I'll toy about with a list, for fun.