Thursday, June 21, 2007

TV Spot For Blade Runner: The Final Cut - UPDATED

A TV spot advertising the Blade Runner: Final Cut premiered during the AFI Top 100 show on US TV last night, and brilliantly, it's now up on YouTube. If anybody knows where a better quality version can be seen, please direct me.

You might want to download the YouTube file, just on the off-chance it gets pulled.

[EDIT: And thanks to 'Affenheimtheaterbesitzer', there's a much better version on Rapidshare]

[EDIT: Also available from Speedyshare, hourly bandwidth limit allowing]

[EDIT: Here are some screencaps, which you might find interesting. The official title, first of all; then the go-go Hockey Mask girls which represent what some messageboard users believe is the only new footage in the trailer; a look at Joanna Cassidy's stunt double taking a dive - still in flat shoes, not the heels from the previous scene, maintaining a controversial continuity error; an announcement of the formats which not only means we'll have all three disc options to select from, it also suggests that a theatrical release of any size isn't likely to happen, even though I'm still betting a small one will]


Anonymous said...

did you see it said "blu-ray" on the bottom at the end? .. the last ad i saw was in the matrix boxset and it said only hd-dvd

Fabio said...

Credit to board. I found this link there.

Anonymous said...

The music from the 'Blade Runner' trailer is from 'The Fountain.'

Brendon said...

Yes, I suppose I should have mentioned that.