Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Alternative Endings Of 1408

It has slipped out in interview that the release version of 1408 features a different ending to the one originally filmed.

I know what each of the endings were - at least according to an e-mail I've received (which I think is supposed to remain anonymous). The remainder of this post is to be spoiler material, I'm afraid.

Cusack's Enslin character starts a fire in room 1408. In the originally filmed ending, he dies. After his funeral, Jackson's Olin finds the dictaphone recording of his experience. This was tested and reshot, apparently proving too much of a downer. Indeed, sveral endings were tried, before the release one was settled upon.

In this approved version, Enslin and his wife move into a beach house, having physically survived, but is tortured by his memories of what went on in the hotel room. This is similar to the short story as published, but whereas that plays as quite extreme - the man now as mad as the hotel room once was - this is likely to be toned down somewhat.

Even the rejected 'director's cut' version with the fire was created under heavy Weinstein control, and from what I've heard, Halfstrom has had a terrible time dealing with their insidious influence and grasping ways.

As expected.

The two versions are expected to play as full features, probably via branching, on the DVD release, though many, many more deleted scenes - both from the conclusion and elsewhere - are likely to be included as standalone items.

I'm a Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski fan, not a Weinstein fan, so obviously, I'm not pleased to be hearing all of these details. None of this is much of a surprise, of course, but it is still very sad.

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droidguy1119 said...

At least the new ending still sounds dark. Better to go from a really dark ending to a reasonably dark ending as opposed to going from a dark ending to a happy, playing-on-the-beach ending. Movies like this, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the studio wanted Cusack to find and save his daughter inside the room.