Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Looping Chocoholic Edition

I'm deep into writing the next installment of Under the Hood but I think I need a break, so here's a Movie Minesweeper for you. According to survey results received so far (keep 'em coming!) most of you like Movie Minesweeper... and those of you that don't have given me ideas on how to improve it. So, I will certainly try.

Now though, here's a rush edition to get us up to date.

- Supergirl is headed to Smallville. How long until a Supergirl movie is greenlit, do you think? I suspect she might even beat Wonder Woman into cinemas.

- The IESB have ten clips from Joshua.

- Salma Hayek and Steve Buscemi are starring in Keep Coming Back, directed by William H. Macy.

- Daniel Simpson is to direct Born, a genuinely creepy, offbeat-sounding horror yarn in which Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany will be terrorised by little bits of clay. Bettany's character is an animator and his creations come to life and 'act out a nightmare', which presumably puts the human leads in danger. Guillermo del Toro, Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin are producing while Clive Barker is listed as an executive producer. Barker and Simpson co-wrote the script with... Paul Kaye? What? That Paul Kaye? I do hope so.

- Thomas Wheeler's The Arcanum is to be a feature film. That means actors will have to be found to play Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, H. P Lovecraft and Marie Laveau, the story's line-up of demon battling occult investigators. The plan is to kick off a franchise. It would be a crying shame if this slips into LXG territory. Those who know the book probably have some idea of the similarities to A Killing on Carnival Row which has Neil Jordan as a director - which is a shame for The Arcanum's producers because he'd be perfect for their film too.

- Variety nabbed a very small image of production art from Pixar's Munchausen-alike, Up. I thought I'd reproduce it here for you, so enjoy.

- On the Hook has Frank Langella, Laura Harring and Elliott Gould on the cast list. Two and a half out of three 'aint bad.

- Alexander Nevsky (sounds familiar...) has formed Hollywood Storm, hist first US based production outfit. Nothing in the Variety piece about their first projects, The Black Rose and Magic Man.

And... now I've run out of time. If the phone would stop ringing...

More later after, after I've taught my student and been to see that new Fantastic Four film. Fingers crossed for both of those...


Harmen said...

It's good to hear that so many people are giving this sort of input via the survey. But tell me Brendon, has it been a good read so far?

Brendon said...

The survey results? Yes, very much so.

But they don't explain why so few people read film ick, realtively speaking (some sites get millions of regularly returning readers, not something like ten thousand or so). That's still a mystery to me.