Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dark Knight Spoilers...?

I've received an e-mail that purports to reveal plenty of Dark Knight spoilers. A fascinating e-mail, if you ask me. I know many of you would like to read them too, so here they are. Some pieces are edited, others explicitly censored - all to protect the innocent, as it were.

Hello Mr. Connelly.

I'm XXXXXXX XX XXX XXX of The Dark Knight. I've learned major spoilers regarding the film. Both in reading script pages that XXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX and XXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX being filmed - one with Anthony Michael Hall.


Jason Bard is indeed in the film. He has a spin-off (kind've) plot in the film. Jason Bard is introduced when a stoned man is pulled from a vehicle, Black tape covering his eyes. He apparently has been dealing cocaine and other toxic chemicals, the chemicals from the first film (Scarecrows plot) is in-fact a major selling item. It sells massively on the street, many alike want to expierence the "Journey To Death". Onto Bard, though - Bard is in the film when the Drugee is pulled from the van.

Apparently, Some (Mobster..) killed his wife, and killing a drug user will help relieve him of this fact. Quite stupid, but I saw this being filmed as well as a script page (Page 67, and Page 54, being passed along the set). Both pages that describe the Bank Robbery and JASON BARD struggling with the muzzle of his gun up against the drugee's head.

Thats all I know regarding "Jason Bard".


Anthony Michael Hall is indeed playing a good guy. Mr. Edward Nygma. Correct. This was filmed for one brief moment. X XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXX XXXX-XXXX XXXXXX.


The Jokers Suit is pure awesomeness. The suit was a dark purple. I mean DARK purple.

And finally:

The Harley Quinzell rumor is false. Word got around the set that Quinzell was making a cameo appearance, but NO.

As I said, fascinating stuff. Thank you very much to the e-mailer.

[EDIT: The e-mailer revealed some information about their means of acquiring this information which gave rise to a test. It revealed to me some details they must definitely know. So, as a test, I sent them a jpeg, expecting a certain response. At time of writing, they have failed to respond. This suggests that all of the above should be taken as nothing more than rumour. Soon enough, it will either start to line up with official information or not, and then we can make another, further informed, judgment on how accurate these spoilers are]


Tony Poem said...

I'm glad you report rumours. A lot of sites won't they are so scared of the rumours being wrong. But you always do and always say they are rumours too.

When latino Review and Aint It Cool News pull images because they were fake there's no saying people wouldn't still want to see those things. Theres always space for rumours and scoops and anonymous reports like this.

Brendon said...

I've noticed plenty of comments from people on forums - stuff like "It's from film ick, so I'm calling BS".

Well, I'll keep reporting rumours all the same. People do appreciate them. But I'd advise people to take them all with a pinch of salt.

I do get plenty of e-mails I never run at all. Those I do run that I can't personally substantiate (yet) are always marked as rumour.

It stimulates debate, at the very least.

Let's just see how this shakes out.

I have some more non-rumour Dark Knight info coming soon, however.

Just waiting for the OK...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the forthcoming non-rumor info as well. This is interesting stuff you've posted now if it turns out to be true.