Sunday, June 17, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Mr. Sheen Edition

- Christian Tramitz is to play FBI Agent Jerry Cotton, fictional hero of German pulp fiction in a new film series.

- Daniel Waters has won a best director award. That's very encouraging. The gong was for his film Sex and Death 101 which played at the Seattle Film Festival. If I could blow glass I'd make him a nice bauble too - for his Heathers screenplay which is, I'd say, the best script. Ever. How do I get to see Sex and Death 101?

- The IESB have a heap of License to Wed clips and a behind the scenes featurette too.

- No link for this one, I'm afraid, but John Travolta has been speaking to the UK tabloids and he's revealed that the Dallas movie isn't dead after all. He's meeting a new director soon and is very keen to get the wheels moving again, with a possible shoot start in January.

- Matthew Vaughn's MARV films, in which he is a partner with Kris Thykier, have signed a three-year first-look deal with Sony. The projects currently in development? A World War I drama, a Spaghetti Western and two comedies. The MARV men see themselves as a reply to Working Title, and I think they've every chance of similar success.

- A 21 disc set of John Ford films is coming in December. Yes - 21 discs. Suddenly the Blade Runner special edition has competition for pole position on my Christmas list.

- Richard Linklater has earned himself a ten-year supply of wine.

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