Saturday, June 09, 2007

Direct Download Links For The First Trailer For The Invasion

See the alien contaminants come and harass Nicole Kidman. Download it now in FLV or Quicktime.

In one scene Kidman is advised to not show any emotion at all. It's virtually a one-stop joke shop for knocking both her acting and her sad past with the king of scientology. Poor Nicole.

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Anonymous said...

If you believe that of her acting then you have very little idea of what it means to portray emotion. Go see Birth, Dogville, Cold Mountain, Fur for fantastic acting with very little dialogue, that Academy Award, 3 Golden Globes, numerous critics awards may just say you know much about films as Bush on policy. And considering she got paid $17m for Invasion, I'd say she has about as much to care about jokes at her expense as a Paris Hilton worrying about her sex video.