Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hostel Special Edition DVD Special Features

Here's a little about the video-based features on the Hostel special edition DVD - or at least the ones I know about so far.

The main attraction is probably the 30 minute retrospective called Hostel Dismembered, but another menu holds five further options: five minutes on set design; 11 minutes of KNB's FX; 3 minutes on a meal in Iceland (no, really); an almost 10 minute interview with Takashi Miike; and over 12 minutes on the film's music and sound effects. So that's around 70 minutes of new stuff so far.

Sounds good.


RB said...

has there been any further news on the special edition of Sin City? I've bene holding off buynig the vanilla as it was released with the promise of a bigger, better version round the corner - but have heard nadda so far!

Likewise a DVD version of both Kill Bill volumes back-to-back, mano-e-mano, joined at the hip, spliced into one as was presented by the man himself at Cannes?

Brendon said...

The Sin City special edition has been out on R1 for a very long time, and the R2 has been passed for UK release by the BBFC... again, some time ago. I supect it may have snuck out as a retailer exclusive, but can't find any trace of it.

Hopefully it will go wide at some point.

As for the 'full' Kill Bill, well, that's in the hands of the Weinsteins to some degree... they've registered websites and so forth, but not admitted any specific plans.