Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Savage Steve Holland Returns

The director of Once Crazy Summer, Better of Dead and How I Got Into College is back from TV and revving up a new feature film - The Big One 3. This will be his first feature film in over 18 years - champagne must be in order, surely? I know I'm very happy about this.

The autobiographical script has been sitting about for a while, but now the money is in place and it's going to happen. According to the producer, Warren Zide, "This is based on a true events in Savage's life. When he was a kid, he had his 13th birthday party and the only one that showed up was a clown, and all that that guy did was hit on his sister."

I've been following Holland's work on TV the best I can (one morning BBC2 showed a Savage Steve episode of Lizzy McGuire followed by a Steve DeJarnatt one and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry) but it's his two self-written comedies, Dead and Summer that really count. This will be his third, making a loose kind of trilogy. I dare say this will have some animated sequences in it too. At least I hope so. And is he still in touch with Curtis Armstrong? Or Bobcat Goldthwait? John Cusack would be too much to expect though... surely?

Oh... and, no, this isn't a second sequel to The Big One. Hardy har.

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Rich D said...

This is perhaps the best new movie news I've heard in a while! Great way to start the morning!

(Of course, now I'll be pestering all my co-workers with "Two dollars!")