Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Louis Theroux Under The Knife

The BBC have announced Louis Theroux's latest documentary, and for once he didn't wimp out and run away when things started to get good. Nope - this time, he actually underwent liposuction as part of his show on the cosmetic surgery industry in California,

According to the BBC's press release, Theroux agreed to the procedure so that he would better understand 'the obsessive world of plastic surgery'. Cynics may say that Louis isn't toughening up at all, but that he just wanted liposuction and didn't want to pay - but bad news, cynics: Theroux actually shelled out 5000 dollars of his own for the operation.

The show airs in the Autumn on BBC2 here in the UK, when we'll get to see how Theroux feels about the procedure and his new figure.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see Louis Theroux described as a coward. Is that a commonly held opinion? I've never come across it before.

Frankly I would describe some of his interviews as really quite brave.

Brendon said...

Personally, I think he is partly playing the coward. He can't be entirely yellow to get into these situations in the first place - but he certainly has a track record in retracting when the heat is on.