Friday, June 01, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Incompatibilty Problems Turn Text To Random Symbols Edition

- Cinema Blend don't seem to like film ick much. Ah well. film ick doesn't care. They've just attributed my Death story to Cinematical. Cinematical included a film ick link, Cinema Blend really couldn't have missed it. Charming.

- Variety are calling the next Denise Richards film, A Beautiful Life 'edgy' and 'indie'. She'll be nude, reportedly: I'm calling it an exploitation film. Which of us is right? Probably neither. Or both.

- The English language street racing film Fast Track, No Limits is in production now in Berlin. Will it ever see the inside of an American cinema?

- Oskar Santos directed the making-of doc about Alejandro Amenebar's The Sea Inside. To return the favour, Amenebar is now producing Santos' feature debut, El Mal Ajeno. Good karma.

- Stardust now has a MySpace account.

- Eli Roth has blogged on joining The Masters of Horror. Not the TV series, mind, the dinner circle that spawned it. Of course, now that Lionsgate have picked up the Masters reins, it doesn't seem too unlikely that Roth will be joining the ranks for season three.

- Cool Toy Review are reporting that Lego will be creating tie-in toys for Indiana Jones and the Last Merchandising Hurrah. That may well mean a Lego Indiana Jones videogame or two, too.

- Nikki Finke describes Hostel 2 as 'disgusting'. There's no evidence at all she has even seen it. Why not be outraged and e-mail her a challenge? Such a venomous spitball of reactionary hate deserves some kind of rebuttal.

- UpcomingHorrrorMovies have some stills from the direct-to-DVD Return to the House on Haunted Hill. It certainly looks direct-to-DVD.

- Hideo Nakata is to direct Inhuman. Am I alone in thinking Nakata is not really anything special?

- I had assumed David Hyde Pierce was out all along. I'm glad he's not stayed in, anyways.

- According to JV Pixar News, the Ratatouille video game (of which you can see the trailer now) will contain the first teaser footage for Wal-E.

- The IESB have nine clips from Ocean's 13.

- Is Damien Hirst angling for a production design gig on the next Indiana Jones?

- Gamervision will teach you how to make a Zoidberg Mii. Genius.

- The Sun are now reporting that Dr. Who is to come to an end (again) next year. I don't believe a word of it.

- The West End engagement of the Mary Poppins musical is to wrap up early next year. I'll need to get my skates on, then. I'm not joking - I really want to see it.

- Both Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella are to produce The Silver Linings Playbook - are either of them to direct? If so - Pollack, please.


Mark H Wilkinson said...

You'll find the Sun's story on Who has already been weakened by the Guardian (amongst sources) --,,2092376,00.html .

At the moment this isn't anything stronger than Davies' possible departure when he's finished work on series 4 (which has been rumoured as a possible leaving date before now).

Brendon said...

I didn't even think it was that strong.