Friday, June 01, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Your Name Here If You Want It Edition

- David Greenwalt is to oversee an Angel-like show for CBS. Moonlight sounds enough like Angel that I'd have thought Greenwalt would have run a mile. Maybe he has some tricks up his sleeve to make this entirely different, or maybe he just doesn't care and just wants a job.

- Chris Cunningham's Sheena is a Parasite
video, starring Samantha Morton, has been nominated for the CADS 07 Best Rock Video award.

- Lots of sites have been commenting on who they think should play Death in Neil Gaiman's upcoming film. I don't think any of them have guessed correctly.

- BloodyDisgusting have casting
news for J T Petty's The Burrowers. They name William Mapother, Clancy Brown and Doug Hutchison. I'm still waiting for more on Petty's Faces of Death - anybody got any news on that one?

- Mark Verheiden will
confirm only Nightwing for his Teen Titans film, but promises the rest of the line up won't disappoint.

- JV Pixar News are passing on a
rumour from Miceage that there's a Cars 2 just over the horizon, plus a new Cars short to debut before Wal-E. I can believe the Cars short, at a pinch, but a second Cars film...? And that soon...? I'm not biting.

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