Monday, June 04, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The List Edition

- Everybody is linking to the MTV Movie Awards winners list, so I will too. I'd hate to be left out.

- Fay Weldon is scripting an Upstairs, Downstairs movie for the BBC. Variety have the list of other films in development by the BBC: Thatcher, Julian Fellowes' Emma and Nelson, The Choir and The Thirteenth Tale.

- UpgradeTravel have a kind of pictorial list (ahem) of the Star Wars theme park ads appearing in airports.

- Out today in the UK is Optimum's Boulting Brothers DVD collection. The list includes: The Magic Box, Brothers in Law, The Family Way and Twisted Nerve. You'll recognise Twisted Nerve's them from Kill Bill - Elle Driver whistled it; the music the The Family Way, however, was written by Paul McCartney. I had the pleasure of meeting Roy Boulting several times and found him very generous and interesting.

- John Adair has reviewed Killer of Sheep and also listed highlights from a Charles Burnett Q&A about the film.

- Daniel Hart completed the Wii version of Twilight Princess and recorded every last swing of his sword. Clocking in at five and a half hours or so, this is probably the most comprehensive walk-through for the game's main plot I can imagine. There's a whole list of viewing options at the SpeedDemosArchive.

- TVShowsOnDVD have gathered the full list of special features on the Ugly Betty: Season 1 DVD set.

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