Saturday, June 09, 2007

Peter Jackson Behind Halo Animated Series

[EDIT: This has turned out to be a little less clear than I at first thought... read on to the end of the post for all of the info]

Halo movie may be dead in the water (or just sleeping, face down, liable to drown soon enough) but an animated series based upon the game is, I'm told, already very, very deep into production.

Apparently, Peter Jackson is behind the series, in direct collaboration with Bungie, the game's creators. It's also expected that he's directing at least one episode, as is be Neil Blomkamp,
the director attached to the Halo feature film.

Are we to see this very soon? Perhaps around the launch of Halo 3 in the Autumn? And where will we see it? My source specualted that the series might be, initially at least, exclusively available for download to X-Boxes.

This is likely to be the first look we get at the motion capture technology being prepped for Tintin, though the budget is bound to be far greater and the quality, almost inevitably, to be somewhat less impressive.

[EDIT: There seems to be a story online that may have been my sources' source - though they provided further info (admittedly, info they may have either assumed or invented).

Several people are now claiming this is all just the result of a misunderstanding, but I'm not convinced. It looks to me - as far as I can see, sniffing around various online reports and e-mailing everybody that I thought would have some inside info to share - that the project simply wasn't supposed to be announced yet. Will it be swept under the carpet only to be announced later?]

[EDIT: The original story has been edited, with the word 'animated' changed for 'interactive' or just plain removed. That could be the end of the chase...]

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