Saturday, June 09, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Silver Helium Balloon Edition

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, culminating in an evening at the theatre, under the spell of Derren Brown. But I'm back now, and I'm determined to catch up. So expect a few Movie Minesweepers today, to say the least.

- There's a neverending graveyard of movie projects that never came together. Premiere have compiled a 20-strong list of the more interesting, including a number of film ick faves that never were: Mark Romanek's A Cold Case, The Onion Movie (no, really), Ridley Scott's Tripoli, Richard Goleszewski's Tortoise vs. Hare, Cameron Crowe's Phil Spector biopic and, perhaps the greatest loss of them all, Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Premiere have managed to scrounge up status reports on some of the films, and it isn't exclusively bad news.

- Michael Davis already has a script written for a Shoot 'Em Up sequel.

- A new adaptation of Hell House could be on the cards. Could Richard Matheson be the next Phillip K. Dick, getting a whole slew of options sold in the next few years?

- Guillermo Del Toro has told his fans on a forum that Danny Elfman is scoring Hellboy 2. He's also promised 30 distinct creatures in the film.

- The redband trailer for The Brothers Solomon requires age verification.

- Ronald Moore has given a video interview that is up at Collider. The big scoop is that he's working on an I, Robot sequel.

- On a very similar note, Billy Ray has told SciFi that he's scripting a Westworld remake.

- Brian Yuzna has been discussing Beneath Still Waters with UGO, also touching on House of Re-Animator as they chatted. Will we ever get to see it...? Yuzna is optimistic.

- Time magazine are explaining Why Pixar Is Better.

- IESB are reporting that Steve Pink is to direct Fletch Won and... wow.... Joshua Jackson is to play the title role. That's incredible.


Sledge said...

No need for a Westworld sequel. We have one, Futureworld.

williamjutsum said...

Here's an idea for the I, Robot sequel: ACTUALLY FILM SOMETHING TAKEN FROM THE BOOK!

Ronen said...

Elfman? Elfman?!

Having the BEST SCORE EVER in his last movie wasn't good enough, he had to switch to ELFMAN?!

Brendon said...'re not an Elfman fan, then?