Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Robert Downey Jr As Peter Sellers

Sitting here with my ears open, it seems that a West End play about Peter Sellers' life is on the cards, with Robert Downey Jr. expected to star. I never imagined Downey stepping into a role played by Geoffrey Rush - but then, I never saw Rush as Sellers until, indeed, I saw it. I think Downey is much better than most of the roles he plays, and am keen to see him try something like this, something perhaps a little outside of his comfort zone.

The play's author is to be John Antrobus, alumni of Associated London Scripts - the Tin Pan Alley of funny, and the office where more quality sitcom originated than any other. He knew Sellers, often put words into his mouth, even, and should make for a pretty perfect choice to pen the play.

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