Thursday, June 21, 2007

Samuel L Jackson Is Nick Fury. And He's On Set Shooting Today

Kudos to Drew McWeeny, once again, for one hell of a scoop over at AintItCool. Apparently, Samuel L. Jackson will be taking on the role of Nick Fury for Marvel Movies, and today, he's on set shooting a scene as that character for the Iron Man movie.

A kind of cross-movie synergy between superhero movies has been a long time coming, but I can see it taking off in a big way within just the next two or three years. And I don't mean simply Avengers and Justice League style films, I mean special appearances from one character in another character's movie. Marvel have been manoeuvring on a business level in ways that have made this much easier, but there's always been the possibility of Superman in Batman, or vice versa, and I suppose there still is, even though Singer's film and Nolan's seem wildly incompatible.

I always got a kick out of Michael Keaton's Ray Nicolet appearing in both Jackie Brown and Out of Sight - not least because I love Michael Keaton. But I love Sam too, so even though I doubt very much that Iron Man will be anything like Out of Sight, much less Jackie Brown, this idea still appeals to me greatly.

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Agustin said...

I'd rather the DC properties remain separate. Most of the Marvel characters were built to work in a shared universe from the ground up. The most important DC characters have never made sense together.

As fun as it is to see Batman and Superman team up, it's never been a believable concept. Plot armor implementation regardless.