Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Samurai Jack: The Feature Film Is Coming

The folks behind Frederator are stepping up to produce feature length animated movies. On their first development slate are a number of interesting projects - not least a Samurai Jack feature film. Of course, Genndy Tartakovsky is attached to write and direct.

Notice how there hasn't been any D
ark Crystal sequel news of late? Last time it was rumoured to have ground to a halt the Hensons swore blind that it hadn't, but.... maybe their definition of a halt is different to everybody else's? Don't be surprised to see the Samurai Jack film in release before Power of the Dark Crystal.

Other Frederator films are set to include a stop motion film version of Doug TenNapel's The Neverhood videogame, written and directed by TenNapel himself, and The Seven Deadly Sins (again?!?) featuring hip-hop music and designs and, amusingly, Don King amongst the voice cast.

Curiously, a completely different line-up of movies is listed on the Frederator homepage: The Fairly Odd Parents, Super Santa, The Electric Piper, Globehunters and Crash Nebula. What's to become of these?

The plan is to budget each Frederator film below 20 million to allow some risk taking. We could be looking at some very exciting films here.

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