Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trailer Details For Golden Compass, Be Kind Rewind And Rendition

MyNewPlaidPants is the blog of Jason Adams who seems like a pretty cool chap. Today, he sent me the following e-mail:

Hello, I'm stealing links from you all the time, but for a change. I've got something semi-worthwhile to share with you - I got to watch trailers for Be Kind, Rewind, Rendition, and a 10-minute extended trailer for The Golden Compass via that NYC Toyfare thing yesterday - I posted on them at my blog.

I just sorta rambled about what I saw but maybe you'll find a smidge of the info interesting.

And I certainly did. While I'll post his Be Kind, Rewind trailer description below you'll have to click over for the other two. And so you should.

So I got to see what looked like an early cut - the footage was pretty raw looking - of the trailer for Michel Gondry's next film, starring Jack Black and Mos Def as video store employees with a problem: namely, Jack Black's brain is magnetized and he's erased all the videos in their store.

The opening scene of the trailer sets this up - when Jack Black is in close-up the film actually goes all wavy like on an old, screwed-up videotape, which was a nice touch - and then we get on to the real business of the movie: namely, getting to watch Jack Black and Mos Def reenacting scenes from old movies.

A good chunk of time is spent watching them reenact scenes from Ghostbusters, including Jack Black's awful (in a funny way) take on that movie's familiar theme song - we get to hear Mos Def say "I got slimed" which was the highlight for me.

We see that their homemade versions become big hits in the neighborhood and suddenly the two of them become quasi-celebrities; there's a fun montage of scenes from their different movies - 2001 and Boyz In The Hood stand out in my memory, the latter involving Jack Black in an afro.

But then The Man, in the form of Sigourney Weaver - YAY! - shows up and threatens their new business with talk of copyright infringement and what not.

And then Mia Farrow shows up and says that these boy's movies got heart!

It was only a couple minutes long but it looks a thousand times mainstreamier than The Science of Sleep was (a movie I liked but didn't love). A fun trailer that has me hyped for the movie even more.

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