Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where's The New Footage In The Blade Runner: Final Cut Commercial?

As far as I'm aware - and I'm spectacularly unsure of my detail-based recall of Blade Runner, if I'm being honest - there are three pieces of new footage in the Blade Runner: Final Cut ad.

The first is a still image from the Esper. You can see it around 27 seconds in. Here's a screencap.

The second one, I previously mentioned: the infamous shot of the two go-go girls in hockey masks. Again, here's a screencap.

And then, at 51 seconds in, we see the fruits of the recent reshoots for the very first time. There's a brief shot of Zhora just as she's about to tumble through glass, right at the camera. Either the entire shot is new, or a CG blend has been done to put Joanna Cassidy's head on a stuntwoman's shoulders... or both. Here's a sequence of screencaps for you to scrutinise.

And the rest of the trailer is apparently old footage given a bit of spit and polish - the Blade Runner we already know and love. If it ain't broke...

At my previous post on this subject, I've included a screencap of an old continuity error that has remained intact - at least in the trailer, if not the finished film - despite reshoots to the scene. Curious.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you got your info from, by my original 10-15 year old VHS has those scenes on it.. so you are rather ill informed.

And if it's as you say.. that you just don't know your stuff... then you shouldn't really be posting random garbage, should you?


(and I'm anonamous for no other reason than it's rather pointless wasting my time to register with a site that can get it so wrong.)

Brendon said...

Well, you've made two mistakes.

First: you don't need to be registered to not be anonymous.

Second: this is new FOOTAGE, not new SCENES. Sure, the scenes were already there. But this FOOTAGE was not. Honestly.

Look at the Esper image. Really. get your old copy out and compare.

Not the same image, is it?


And the shot of Zhora? Well, that's why there's so many caps. So you can good look at what is different.

Again, compare to the shot in the orignal versions of the film.

I haven't got anything wrong.

You have, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

haven't seen the trailer yet.

These still frames look new except Zhora chase but I don't trust my memory (ha)

Am expecting footage (shot but not included) of Morgan Paull in hospital being visited by Harrison Ford, something in the Tyrell cryocrypt

in other words how many new scenes will be included?

VK Charlie said...

Theres only one other shot you forgot to include, and thats a shot of zora from behind as she runs. Brand spanking new

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these screencaps of new footage. Joanna will be thrilled to have the image in the Esper photo corrected, from what I read in "Future Noir".

Pretty funny how rude and wrong that other guest was.

Looking forward to the Final Cut, and to seeing the Workprint.

Ascovel said...

In the Zhora Chase screencaps only the head is different from the original images in te movie