Saturday, July 28, 2007


Here's the first of two short films I'm going to be uploading over the next day or so. They were made by my students on a Film Workshop at a Summer School.

Each group had only 15 hours of workshop time to complete their film - from conception to a locked final cut. They were aged between 15 and 17, and there was a total of 27 students across the two groups - some who were very involved, others not so.

This film, 38B, is the shorter of the two. Please leave your constructive comments for the students' benefit. They are reading them.


Anonymous said...

The girl was really good in this. The guy was reminiscent of stallone.

Anonymous said...

Awesome =) Very funny. If I can make a small suggestion I would say that maybe the camera angles on the exchange between the two actors could have been more varied...(the wally wood "panels that always work" might be a decent starting point for ideas), but other than that, well done! Sweet and to the point!


Anonymous said...

Cute little short, definitely made me laugh. If it were slightly accelerated it could probably be done in 30 seconds and be a damn memorable commercial... for what I'm not sure. Victoria's Secret?

Anyway, good job Charlotte Scholten and your three writers for a simple and effective piece.


doubleare said...

The female actress (Sylvia?) gave a fantastic performance. Her emotion came through very strong and clear on screen.

A very inventive and entertaining short overall. Compliments to everyone involved.

- Rusty
Full Sanction Press

Anonymous said...

Very nice story, well scripted, pretty good acting.
Camera could have benefited from being mounted, cutting a bit more and a couple of close ups.

Overall, made me smile ;)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't expecting that end - great stuff. A little polishing round the edges and you've got a worthy little short there ... well done! :)