Sunday, July 29, 2007

See The Iron Man Comic-Con Clip Now!

The Comic-Con Iron Man clip has popped up online. See it before it's too late. And if anybody has a direct download link to share, all the better.

[EDIT: I found the clip on Rapidhsare as an Mpeg. Hurrah!]

My nephew is being christened today. Busy day for me. But I'll try to keep checking in.


Mark said...

Looking at that clip, it looks like Favreau may have cast himself as Happy Hogan, Stark's put-upon Man Friday. Which would make this is second role as a Marvel sidekick.

Sledge said...

Daredevil wasn't very good though.
I think Iron Man will be better.

Mark said...

Favreau casting himself in this one as Foggy Nelson, Tony Stark's east coast attorney, would have been quite funny, though.