Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cars 2 Rumour Gaining Traction

JV Pixar News are getting behind the Cars 2 rumour with their full weight.

This story seemed to start when Paul Newman mentioned a sequel a few months back. The latest iteration has the film being in development now and scheduled for release in 2011.

I'm not sure I buy it. Cars has made a big heap of money for the Disney/Pixar clan, particularly through merchandise, but it seems peculiar that moves are being made on a sequel so rapidly. I think it is much more likely that a Cars TV series is on the cards and that's what Newman knew about.

Or maybe not. Maybe Pixar are being 100% straight when they talk about only making sequels when they have a gold idea and, simply, a gold idea for Cars 2 came along.

Whatever Pixar release in 2011, Cars 2 or not, it is destined to be another masterpiece. And I say that entirely sincerely despite a complete lack of belief in destiny, fate, spectral deities, guardian angels or any other such. That's how convinced I am by Pixar.


Anonymous said...

Do you beleave Pixar will make a Cars 2? I do. and I really trust JV PIXAR NEWS. 2011 sounds right for the release.

Harmen said...

Going with you on this one Brendon. Cars was utterly briljant. I still can't understand why everybody thinks it's the lesser one in the Pixar canon.

Oh and i'm predicting a new record at the box office when it comes out(if it does come out). Why? Easy, free marketing thanks to the merchandising. All sorts of little kids and there daddies can't wait to see more of Lightning Mcqueen.

Anonymous said...

2011 sounds about right. It would be a good tie in with a CARS attraction that is currently being planned for a completion date of around 2010 - 2011 at Disneyland's California Adventure amusement park.

Mark said...

CARS was like Nascar racing. Bland, predictable, and failed to hold the attention of the audience I saw it with (i.e. a room full of children). But looked and sounded great.