Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trick'r Treat Out Of Season?

This Halloween's great white hope wasn't the Halloween rehash, if you ask me, but Mike Dougherty's Trick'r Treat. According to Box Office Mojo, however, the film may have had it's release bumped into next year.

And that very possibly means October next year - it is called Trick'r Treat after all. Would any studio squander that potential be pushing it out in February, say? Or May?

There's a chance that Box Office Mojo have made a mistake, but in my experience, they're pretty bang on with these things. I suspect Warner Bros. are fearing that Halloween is only big enough for one Halloween picture and that will be... er... Halloween.

I'm feeling a little deflated by this news, I have to admit. I don't want to be left with only 'the rehash' and Saw IV this all hallow's eve.


Dan said...

The 'rehash' isn't coming out around Halloween anyway. It hits theaters on August 29th. That leaves 30 Days of Night and Saw IV to claim the late October horror period.

Brendon said...

I'd forgotten 30 Days of Night.

There's two stories about the Halloween release date I want to share:

1) it is going to get pushed back

2) it will be brought back in mid October anyway.

I don't know how true either of them are. I suspect 1) might have a germ of truth to it - all these reshoot stories might be used as an excuse.