Saturday, July 07, 2007

Film 4 Frightfest Roster Unveiled - With Hi-Res Images

Below you'll find a whole heap of stills from the films programmed for this year's Film 4 Frightfest. The full schedule has been revealed and, as ever, it is a mixed bag. But - again, as ever - there's enough to be excited about to make it worth your while divvying up for a full weekend pass. Go on. You know I would if a) I had the money and b) I wasn't shackled to this computer four or five hours a day.

You can buy weekend passes now, single tickets from July 28th.

Thursday 23/8/08
19.00.Black Sheep (UK Premiere)
21.15. Black Water (European Premiere)

Friday 24/8/08
10.30 Hatchet – Live special event! A live audio commenttary to the whole film.
12.30 The Devil's Chair (World Premiere)
14.45 Sword Bearer (UK Premiere)
17.15 The Signal (UK Premiere)
19.45 P2 (World Premiere)
22.00 All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (London Premiere)
00.15 Shrooms (World Premiere)

Saurday 25/8/08
11.00 Cold Prey (UK Premiere)
13.00 Joshua (London Premiere)
16.00 Storm Warning (European Premiere)
18.30 Wrong Turn 2 (World Premiere)
21.15 Disturbia (London Premiere)
23.45 The Devil Dared Me To (EuropeanPremiere)

Sunday 26/8/08
11.00 Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door (European Premiere)
13.15 Botched (World Premiere)
15.45 Postal (European Premiere)
18.30 Seed (World Premiere)
21.00 Waz (English Premiere)
23.30 Skinwalkers (UK Premiere)

Monday 27/8/08

11.00 The Zombie Diaries (Preview)
13.15 KM 31 (UK Premiere)
15.45 Spiral (European Premiere)
18.30 Day Watch (Preview)
21.15 The Orphanage (First screening since Cannes 2007)

And now, those stills. Wibble your mouse over them for the filenames if you can't place them with any given film.

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