Saturday, July 07, 2007

Yesterday He Came: The First Snaps Of Will Smith As John Hancock

Just Jared have some on-set snaps from John Hancock, formerly Tonight He Comes. It will need another new title, if you ask me.

You'll see Will Smith looking a little worse for wear and clutching a booze bottle. He's also rigged for some of his super powered flying scenes, it seems, but remember superkids: don't drink and fly.

Not that anybody much would want to imitate Will Smith anyway.

There's a fine tradition of drunk superheroes in comic books, less so on screen. Apparently, even Tony Stark will be shying away from the hard stuff in Iron Man. I hope movies don't go through their own tedious 'they drink, they smoke, they take drugs, they swear and cheat on their spouses: these are adult superheroes, these are for mature viewers' phase. Yawn.


Mark said...

Dude, you do know work's well underway on WATCHMEN? ;)

Brendon said...

Until Watchmen actually starts shooting I'm gonna keep on hoping it stalls.

No offence to Snyder and company, they just don't have a hope in hell.

Mark said...

I'm guessing that by the time it goes through the Will-Smithiliser, TONIGHT HE COMES/whatever the hell they end up calling it/JOHN HANCOCK won't be too edgy or mature. The synopsis on that page makes it sound like HITCH with added superpowers.