Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Chance To See The Trick'R Treat Trailer

The IESB are housing a fairly badly encoded version of the Trick'r Treat trailer, but I want to send you over right away as this is very much one of my most eagerly anticipated films.

Expect a direct download link when I can source one.

Oh - and note that the trailer announces a release date of October. Seems that Box Office mojo had us all worried over nothing.

[EDIT: Verbal supplied the direct download link for this dodgy encode - I was meaning we'd hold out for something better than a tagged flv. But, actually, it's pretty cool Verbal did this. So say thanks to him]


verbal said...

EzekielRawlins said...

Well, that trailer really didn't do much for me. It came off a bit lame.

cheaplog said...

Most warnings in front of this stuff mention something like Warner's "may be used on Internet only if unedited and presented without third party logos and identification." But offering these videos for "permanent retention" is against the agreement also.

I'd say that the "streaming only" bit is obsolete by now, but tagging will always be lame (even if/when not illegal).

droidguy1119 said...

Starts out the same as the one I saw on that survey a month or two ago, but then becomes quite different. I liked the one I saw better, because it made the movie seem more fun than scary, which I imagine it is, even if it is effectively creepy.