Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Expensive Technology Edition

- Matt Damon is out plugging his new Bourne number, but IGN asked him about Kirk. Apparently, Abrams is looking for a 20-year old Captain. This may be a slight misrepresentation - maybe a Kirk in his 20s rather than 20 precisely - but I still expect tears in certain quarters.

- Do we really want a second X-Files film? I like Duchovny a lot, but...

- Slate magazine have looked into the morality of Harry Potter spoilers.

- Iza Calzado is reprising her role from Sigaw in the English-language remake, The Echo.

- The first still from Leatherheads has appeared and very colourful it is too.

- Dread Central have the trailer and poster for Mother of Tears.

- IESB have decided to deny stories to their readers in order to suck up to Lucasfilm, ILM and Spielberg. Well, that's one way of putting it anyway. What do you think of that? They reported that Shia LaBeouf was contracted to 3 more Indiana Jones films, Harrison Ford for 2. Publicists denied it across the board, but, you see, they would, wouldn't they? I wish IESB would stick to their guns. What possible harm is there in reporting this information?

- Does
anybody care about the Emmy awards? Outside of the industry, I mean?

- Christina Cabot has joined the cast of The Incredible Hulk.

- John Turturro has raised the possibility of a Big Lebowski sequel.

- Neil Gaiman's having a good year up Hollywood way.

- The Smokin' Aces prequel script is underway.

- Cherry Jones has been cast as the president on the next season of 24.

- Pimp My Ride is coming to a close. Time for Pimp My Ride
: The Movie?

- David Greenwalt has spelled out many of the basic differences between Angel and Moonlight.

- Ray Harryhausen sanctioned comics inspired by Jason and the Argonauts? I can't see how the appeal will translate.

- You can download a preview excerpt from a roundtable discussion featuring Pixar story artists. You might learn something.

- Elijah Kelley as Sammy Davis Jr.? Perfect.

- If you see the burning issue around Transformers 2 being which robots are in it and not, say, who will write it or direct it, then you can actually get involved with a very public, visible poll.

- John K has discussed his new Comcast commercial.

- Season 3 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents hits the American DVD shelves on October 9th.

And finally, I think, we're up to date. At last.

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