Saturday, July 07, 2007

Iron Man Elimination

Jon Favreau has adressed some Iron Man rumours in his latest MySpace update.

He says:

I've read that Sam Jackson and Hilary Swank are Shield agents and that I myself play a Vegas security guard. There is no truth to any of these rumors. (Well, maybe one is true.)

Can we determine which one? Well, there's one we can pretty much eliminate right off the bat. That's the Hilary Swank one - I've not seen anything than links her to Shield other than pure speculation.

As for the Security Guard - that came from Robin Leach, a normally very dependable source, I believe. Seems like a lock?

...but the Sam Jackson story came from Aint It Cool and they are very cautious when it comes to big pieces like this, these days at least. They didn't name a source, they didn't cast any doubt on the story, they simply put it down as pretty much a guarantee. I think they had something very solid to go on.

I'm 100% behind the Sam Jackson story being the one true rumour unless, somehow, he is playing Nick Fury in a pre-Shield incarnation. Is that possible? Let me know in the comments below.

Assuming Favreau isn't playing a security guard, we now have free reign to believe his other rumoured cameo: that he's the frontman of a KISS tribute band. And I really want to believe that one.

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Mark H Wilkinson said...

Re: Fury - depends what you mean by "possible". Marvel first published war stories in a WWII setting, about a US military unit lead by a caucasion Nick Fury, an older version of whom was later rebranded as an Agent of SHIELD for espionage stories in a more modern (ie. '60s cold war) setting; the character had appearances in between as a CIA operative who liased with Super Hero groups (yep, they kept him busy). So, that guy has a fairly flexible history to work with.

The Nick Fury of the Ultimate Marvel range is the one actually based on Jackson. He's initially introduced as an agent of SHIELD who soon heads the organisation. What little we know of him prior to that is that he was in the military but assigned to work with SHIELD quite early on in his career. He's (obviously) a much differently styled character: the earlier Fury would (still) more easily fit into a James Bond setting; this later one is a more morally ambiguous, controlling figure, one who casts a shadow across every single title in the Ultimate range.

Experience tells me that the recent Marvel films have tended to draw on both "original" and Ultimate range titles, while adding or changing whatever they wanted. So, really, anything is possible; it just depends what bits from the comics Favreau considers important in order to retain true to the source.