Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Card Shelf Edition

I'm currently watching Popworld in which they are playing Mark Ronson and Lily Allen's cover of Oh My God by The Kaiser Chiefs. The video is a flagrant rip off of Who Framed Roger Rabbit but, to be frank, nowhere nearly as good. It might be designed as an homage, it could be taken as an insult.

- Jeffrey Wells quoted J J Abrams directly on the whole Cloverfield issue, but then altered his post a little. Abrams became re-identified an anonymous person in Abrams' team, and a quick find-and-replace turned all of the first person "I"s in the piece to "he"s. Sometimes with comedic effect: "he've", for example. Tee hee.

- Incidentally, Abrams cannibalised Felicity for the idea of Cloverfield. The episode Docuventary was shot in a similar style, using all of the camcorder gimmickery.

- What's more, there's a new picture on the 1-18-08 site, time stamped five minutes before the first.

- A good chunk of the Comic-Con schedule has been unveiled. Max Brooks and George Romero having a chat? A programme of Pixar shorts - no doubt to unveil the DVD? The Golden Compass piggybacking on Shoot 'Em Up? Josss Whedon with 'a few surprises'? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

- A brilliant piece on Pixar designer Jason Deamer is up at the CG Society site.

- Yahoo have a slideshow of four new Fred Claus posters. I swear I can see little Jimmy Krankie in two of them.

- There's more one-set video from Indiana Jones IV doing the rounds, plus a few spoilers and spoiler clarifications.

- According to Coca-Cola (yep), European cinemas are suffering from very high staff turnovers. Anybody want me to manage their cinema for them? Or work in their programming department? I could be persuaded.

- The Haiti film industry is booming.

And now Fergie is singing on a commerical. Eurgh.

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Mark said...

Went and watched the Ronson video on Columbia's subsite on YouTube. My first impression was, god, the lengths they have to go to, to make Lily Allen sexy.