Friday, July 06, 2007

Kate Winslett And Pedro Almodovar To Meet On Chesil Beach?

There's a quote from Pedro Almodovar doing the rounds at the moment, seemingly originating in a UK newspaper interview. He reportedly said:

What I'd really like to do is make Ian McEwan's latest book into a film. And there is no shortage of British actresses to cast in it; I would definitely like to work with Kate Winslet who is a good friend of mine.

McEwan's latest is, I believe On Chesil Beach. You can read an excerpt - I just did; it's all I have to go on. I'm not sure I'm in a hurry to read the whole thing. Here's an excerpt of that excerpt to illustrate why not:

For more than a year, Edward had been mesmerized by the prospect that on the evening of a given date in June the most sensitive portion of himself would reside, however briefly, within a naturally formed cavity inside this cheerful, pretty, formidably intelligent woman. How this was to be achieved without absurdity, or disappointment, troubled him. His specific worry, based on one unfortunate experience, was of overexcitement, of what he had heard someone describe as “arriving too soon.”


carrie_lofty said...

Here's a review I did of the book. Contains spoilers, but you might be interested in those.

Anonymous said...

The book's good. Easily his best after Atonement, Enduring Love and Amsterdam. Check it out.