Friday, July 06, 2007

The Princess And The Frog Scene Set For - BLIMEY - The Song Of The South DVD

Jim Hill knows Disney. He knows Disney up, down, left to right and inside out. If he says something Disney, I believe it.

According to his latest roundup, a Song of the South DVD is finally imminent. The thinking is that such much-desired titles will be necessary on the release schedule to make up for the countless direct-to-DVD-sequels that have now been nixed.

Jim even goes so far as to say that when the Song DVD does launch - late next year seems to be a realistic timeframe - that it will contain a scene from The Princess and the Frog.

It might seem cynical, but The Princess and the Frog, being the first African-American-centric Disney toon, is being positioned as an answer to Song of the South's critics.

Of which I am not really one, but, yes, I do see the controversy.

Well, it's all good news if you ask me. Song of the South can come out and be understood and appreciated for what it is; we all get an early look at the Princess and the Frog; Disney moves on and starts dealing with a wider scope, more varied range of settings, characters and stories.

Maybe they'll start shaking the demographic of their creative leads up a little too, eh?

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Harmen said...

Dear God Brendon!

Yes i agree, whenever JimHill somethings gonna happen with Disney it's gonna happen. But often when he tries to tell us what's going on at the actual studio it's usually some pack of lies. What about the pieces he ran on Rapunzel or on Ratatouille? Those were straight out tabloid hack lies there i'm telling ya'.