Saturday, July 14, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Dance X Versus Sing It Back Edition

- Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy Man with No Name is comics courtesy of Dynamite. How apt.

- As previously discussed, Andrew Davies has adapted Fanny Hill for the BBC. It will star Samantha Bond, Hugo Speer and Alison Steadman, the greatest of which is undoubtedly Steadman. She's a genius.

- A clip from I'm Not There is knocking around the wonderful world of YouTube. I saw the link at AintItCool.

- Aaron Eckhart is no fun.

- Nayo Wallace is now one of the Speed Racer crowd, playing Minx, Racer X's girlfriend.

- The Guardian have slammed AintItCool. Personally, I think Knowles' site has a lot of really strong points - and a whole lot of great contacts. So many people submit news bits to them first, how can they help but get the Lion's share of genuine scoops? Obviously, I think I'm doing a pretty good job here at film ick - why else would I bother? I'm getting about 1 hit for every 100,000 at AintItCool however. And to be honest, I'm not sure why I'm not doing a fair bit better.

- Naomi Watts and Clive Owen are the set leads for Tom Tykwer's The International. Oh, Tom Tykwer, Tom Tykwer. Sigh. What can I say about Tom Ty
kwer? The nearly-Nearly Man? I'm always, always disappointed by his films.

- Baz Luhrmann has answered public questions about Australia (the film, not the country).

- Ray Wise, Bru Muller and Brooke Nevin (I can vouch for one of them) have joined the cast of Infestation.

- Mandy Lane has been pulled from all American release schedules just a week before the expected bow because the theatrical rights have been flogge
d off by Dimension to Senator. While it shifts over to a new theatrical distributor, we'll be left waiting in confusion for the new date to be set.

- Josh Flitter is Ace Ventura Jr.

- Tartan are going Blu-Ray in the UK with Black Book, Oldboy and The Seventh Seal. It's the worldwide Blu-Ray debut for each.

- My Name is Bruce has proven unfeasibly popular.

- Angelica Huston will be popping up in Choke, as Sam Rockwell's character's mum.

And now I want my dinner. Yep - I eat.


Anonymous said...

Brendon, I have no clue as to why you don't get more hits. It was harder to find this site than the others, but the information is better. I found it from a link from one of the other sites, came here and then favorited it and I find it to be better than the others.
I'm not sure what would bring more readers. You deliver the goods. For me it is better info as AintitCool has to do a bit of sucking up to keep their contacts happy. You still have the freedom of saying whatever you want.

Agustin said...

I'm going to agree with anon above. I found this link through Comic Book Resources -- and I haven't seen it pop up anywhere else, not that I need to be looking. I wonder why they reerence you so often, and so many other sites that should, don't?

Afraid of the competition, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

When you type film ick into google it doesn't come up. You'd better rectify that!

Also, don't really see why you'd have a problem with Tom Tykwer. Seems to be the most visually precise and exciting European director working today. Can't blame the guy for the scripts he works with.

Anonymous said...


A million hits in a year and a half ain't chicken feed. Keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brendon, long time reader/fan.
My two cents: the difference between your site and AintItCool is that your site has an air of intelligence about it (this is a good thing), and AintItCool mostly resembles trashy, sensationalist literature. Both sites are clearly in love with movies, but AintItCool is the gossip magazine to your broadsheet paper and AintItCool is therefore always going to have a larger readership. Unfortunately, it's just human nature.